Proposed branch bylaw amendments

Below you will be able to find proposed bylaw amendments.


"Each Branch or State Association may make, alter, or rescind such bylaws, rules, and regulations from time to time as may be deemed most expedient, providing they do not in any way conflict with this Constitution.  By-laws of branches may be amended at any regular meeting of the branch, provided the amendment has been submitted in writing at the last previous regular branch meeting, and suitable notification to members shall be made at least ten (10) days before the regular meeting at which the vote is to be taken. By-laws and amendments thereto, fixing the amount of initiation fees, dues, and reinstatement fees, or the time and place of meetings, shall become effective at the time determined by the Branch or State Association. All other bylaws must be submitted in duplicate to the Chairperson of the Committee of Laws and shall not become effective until approved by the Committee of Laws as provided in Article 11, Sec. 3, of this Constitution."



The proposed bylaw changes were introducted at the March 2nd, 2023 meeting and were accepted by the membership in a motion.  The proposed bylaws will be reviewed again at the April meeting for any changes.  The vote on these proposed bylaws will take place on May 4th, 2023 at the monthly union meeting. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact a branch officer and/or steward for information. 


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